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I Saw Sea Shells On the Sea Shore

Heading off to the beach at any time of year, more regularly if you are blessed to live close by the sea,  can be so exhilarating. I have fond family memories associated with the sea and sea shells.Seashells are some of the most beautiful natural objects on earth. Their sheer variety of size, shape, colour and pattern make them a joy to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

 Tonna allium shells are stunning with soft brown and cream lines which make for an excellent shell decoration in beach decor themed rooms.

Below, Spiral pearlized trochas have been carved to create this unique spirally effec
Great as wedding shell decorations.


  With their delicately patterned surfaces True Heart Cockle Shells are certainly aptly named. Great to use as decoration for beach wedding.

 The wonderfully shaped nautilus shell is decorated with brown tiger like stripes in its natural state.


Pictures courtesy of: By The Sea and also Dorset Gifts